Clinical Master of Pediatric Dentistry

Program Outline and Course Description

The candidate after successfully passed the first part will be enrolled in the following:

First Year
Basic Science Credit Hours
Basic Medical Science (6)
Statistics and Research Methodology (3)
Computers (1)
Basic Pediatric Dentistry (20)
Second Year
Clinical Pediatric Dentistry Credit Hours
Caries Management ( Preventive, Restorative and Endodontics) (7)
Child Management (Behavioral Management, Sedation and General Anaesthesia( (4)
Dental Traumatology (3)
Hospital Management of Children with Special Needs (6)
Paedo-ortho Interface (3)
Oral Medicine, Periodontology and Therapeutics (4)
Management of Developmental Anomalies of Teeth (3)
Third Year
Completion of Clinical Requirements (466Cases) and Research Project

Clinical Aspects of the Program Including Experience in:

Clinical Skills Cases Advanced Clinical Skills Cases
Restorative Dentistry: Dental Treatment for Patients with Disabilities                                   5
Class I, Class II 40 Management of Dental ,Craniofacial & Genetic Abnormalities                                                                       5
Class III, IV 40 Treatment of Medically CompromisedChildren. 5
Class V                                                                                   30 Management of Dental TraumainChildren. 10
Stainless Steel Crowns (Deciduous+ Permanents)                 50 Hospital Dentistry                                                                             20
Non-vital Bleaching                                                               2 Preventive and Community Dentistry, Fissure Sealants, Fluoride Therapy       30
Vital Bleaching                                                                       2 Sedation 5
Endodontic Treatment for Children: Treatment of Periodontal Diseases                                                   50
Pulpotomy for Primary Teeth                                                   50 Treatment of Patients Under General Anesthesia                             20
Pulpectomy for Primary Teeth                                                   50 Full Mouth Treatment                                         10
Apexogenesis or Apexification for Young Permanent Teeth 20  
Interceptive and Limited Treatment in Orthodontics                             2  
Space Maintenance 30  

Dr. Abbas   Gareeb Alla Abdalla     Dr. Magda mutwakil
Dean Faculty of Dentistry                     Pediatric Degree Coordinator

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