Clinical Master of Perieodontology Dentistry

Program Outline and Course Description

The candidate after successfully passed the first part will be enrolled in the following:

First Year
Basic Science Credit Hours
Basic Medical Science (6)
Statistics and Research Methodology (3)
Computers (1)
Basic clinical periodontology (4)
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Oral Disease and Periodontal Simple Conditions. (4)
Non-surgical Treatment includingOral Hygiene Regeimes. (4)
Adjunctive Treatments and Antimicrobials. (4)
Clinical Case Reflection and Presentation I. (4)
Second Year  
Management of Complicating Factors. (4)
Periodontal Surgery. (5)
Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. (5)
Clinical Case Reflection and Presentation II. (4)
Mucogingival Surgery. (4)
Implant Basic Science. (4)
Basic ImplantSurgical and Restorative Techniques. (4)
Third Year
Advanced Implant Surgical and Restorative Techniques. (6)
Peri-implant Lesions. (6)
Advanced (implant) Regenerative Techniques. (6)
Clinical Case Reflection and Presentation III. (6)
Dissertation.                                                                                        (6)

Dr. Abbas   Gareeb Alla Abdalla     Dr. Bakri Gubarah
Dean Faculty of Dentistry                     Perieodontology Degree Coordinator


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