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About us

History of Faculty

The faculty was established in 1971 as the first dental school in the country. It continued as a department in the faculty of medicine. In1990 it was promoted as an independent faculty.

The faculty offers the bachelor degree in dental surgery with this curriculum which was adopted since 1990 to date. The faculty also offers clinical masters, clinical doctorates, MSc and PhD by research . Read More


The Faculty of Dentistry, University of Khartoum is the oldest dental school in Sudan. The Faculty is considered the leading dental faculty in the country  and is highly regarded throughout the world. The mission of the Faculty of Dentistry is to provide leadership and to strive for excellence in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing dental education and in scholarly activities related to research and clinical care.


The mission of the Faculty of  Dentistry  University of Khartoum, is that the new graduates relate to their society and to humanity at large and should have the clinical competence to work as pre-registration house-officers, combined with the potential to develop along the continuum of dental education into humane and rational dentists.    The graduate should have the understanding, intellectual skills, attitude to practice and habit of lifelong learning necessary for a career of continuous development in the oral health services.

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