3rd Year Courses

301: Dental Anatomy & Histology:
DANA301: Dental Anatomy Curriculum
By the end of the course the student should be able to:-
n  Understand the origin of the dental & other oral tissues.
n  Acquire the basic knowledge of understanding the mode of craniofacial growth & development.
n  Know the macroscopic (morphology) & microscopic (histology) features of the dental, supporting & other oral tissues at both light & electron microscopic levels as a basis for molecular oral biology & genetics.
n  Acquire the skill of drawing, carving & waxing up of different tooth morphology.
n  Understand & correlate form & functions in dental anatomy.
n  One Academic Year  (During the Third year BDS program):
n  Lectures                              4 CH
n  Practical                              6 Ch
n  Total                                   150 hrs
Course Content
The course is divided into four units as follows:
Unit I: Tooth Morphology
This unit is intended to introduce the main aspects of the morphology of human teeth. Particular attention will be placed on the linking of form and function and the value of this in dental treatment. Students will have the opportunity to gain skills in tooth identifications and in carving teeth in soap & wax. Also, the unit is intended to build up knowledge and skills for continuing training in dentistry.

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