5thyear courses

 501Crown & bridge

                  Fixed prosthodontics is the art of science of restoring damaged teeth and replacing missing teeth with fixed prostheses.
                  Aims & objectives:-
1.       to assess the need for replacing damaged and missing teeth with fixed prostheses.
2.      to undertake the necessary measures to prevent dental disease as related to fixed prosthodontics .
3.      to manage specific cases with fixed prostheses.
        4.    to acquire knowledge of instruments and materials and become competent in basic techniques      
                       as related to fixed prosthodontics.
                       Duration of the course:-
                      The course is taught over tow year's period (4th & 5th year)
                       as follows:-
                               Lectures                                              30 hours.
                               Laboratory work                                  90 hours
                               6 clinical                                              90 hours
                 Course contents
1.      Introduction and general principles.
2.      Diagnoses and general planning.
3.      occlusion in relation to fixed prosthodontics
4.      Impression materials and techniques.
5.      Working casts and dies.
6.      Inlay techniques.
7.      Posterior crowns.
8.      Anterior crowns.
9.      Post. Crowns.
10.  Articulation of casts.
11.  Wax patterns.
12.  Investing and casting.
13.  Finishing and insertion.
14.  Bridges.
15.  Principles of bridge design.
16.  Types and classification of bridges.
17.  clinical procedures for bridges
18.  Laboratory procedures for bridge work.
19.  Treatment failure.
20.  Maintenance and care.

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