About Oral Rehabiltation

Prosthodontics :

The prosthodontics department pertains to educate and guide the undergraduate and postgraduate students through the science and art of prosthodontics. During the undergraduate years, students are taught how to construct functional and aesthetically pleasing partial and complete dentures. The postgraduate program offers a Clinical Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics and a Doctorate (PhD) degree. A postgraduate candidate is expected to obtain a high-level of knowledge and skills in Prosthodontics during their training years in the program with an immaculate level of professionalism.

Undergraduate Training:

The undergraduate students start their Prosthodontics journey by acquiring the knowledge about the different dental materials used in the specialty, their physical properties and uses during Semester IV. Subsequently, in Semester IV and V they will acquire the basic knowledge and laboratory skills needed to construct removable partial and complete dentures. As they advance to their clinical training years, in Semester VI and VII students will be introduced to the clinical stages of constructing a complete denture. Subsequently, in Semester VIII they will be guided through the different phases of partial denture treatment and construction. Undergraduate students will be exposed to the modern science of implantology and maxillofacial prosthetics during their ninth semester of the program. Hence, a future clinician should know how to treat partially and completely edentulous patients properly, providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacements, in the form of removable dentures.

Postgraduate Training:

Postgraduate candidates are expected to broaden their understanding of Prosthodontics and execute up to date, evidence based treatment plans for their oral rehabilitation cases. Moreover, they participate in seminars, journal clubs and clinical cases treatment planning discussions. A postgraduate candidate composes a thesis about a topic that will aid in improving the quality of treatments provided to patients.

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